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[Callan's Travel Blogs]

We've been on a few nice trips over the last couple of years. I love the holidays, and I'm sure by looking at this site you've realised that I love my camera and love sharing my photos.

After our first "big trip" to Europe and Egypt in 2006, I decided it'd be a good idea to write up some of our stories and put them online.

My initial motivation was to help others. We had found the Internet to be a great resource while planning our holiday, with other people's blogs, websites and forum posts proving us with fantastic guidance for many things, including bus/train timetables, recommended places to visit or eat, places to stay away from and many had little maps that really helped. So I figured perhaps these travel blogs may one day be useful to someone.

From there, Euroblog was born. This has now turned into a regular thing ... so let's get into it :

Europe & Egypt 2006

Europe & Egypt 2006
Peru & Bolivia 2008

Peru & Bolivia 2008
Central Australia 2009

Central Australia 2009

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