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Welcome to our Peru/Bolivia Stories!!

Please click on a location below to view our stories and photos.

If you want to visit Peru and/or Bolivia, and you happen to be going to the same places we did, you might find our trip details and documention useful. You can view these details here.

Trip DetailsTrip Details & Documentation Planning our TripPlanning our Trip
Flight from Adelaide to LimaFlight from Adelaide to Lima LimaLima, Peru
ParacasParacas, Peru NascaNasca, Peru
ArequipaArequipa, Peru Colca CanyonColca Canyon, Cabanaconde, Peru
CuscoCusco, Peru Inca Trail / Macu PicchuInca Trail / Machu Picchu, Peru
Tambopata JungleTambopata Jungle, Peru Inka Express Tourist BusInka Express Tourist Bus, Peru
PunoPuno, Peru CopacabanaCopacabana, Bolivia
UyuniUyuni, Bolivia La PazLa Paz, Bolivia

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