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[Salzburg, Austria]

From our short stay at Berchtesgaden, we arrived to Salzburg early afternoon. We spent some time at a really good Internet Cafe at the railway station, just near Hungry Jacks (or was it called Burger King?). We were able to use USB and also the DVD burner, and the price was reasonable.

Once this was done we walked to the NH Hotel which was about a 15 minute walk from the railway station. The streets towards the hotel were safe, no worries walking around there. We then went for a walk around the altstadt (old town) area was was very pleasant and not too crowded.

We were VERY impressed with the hotel, we got it for a good rate online, but the place was very flash and very modern, the bed was also extremely comfortable. They had free Internet in the lobby, however we stayed away from the room service and breakfast menu as the prices were crazy!

Earlier that day we had spotted a vegetarian restaurant called Spicy Spices which served Indian-style food, so we called in there for dinner and the food was awesome. Briony's favourite :)

After dinner I took the opportunity to walk back to the railway station area and visit the laundromat, and went for a walk around while the clothes were washing. There was a nice market area in front of the railway station. I didn't buy anything, but there was everything available including meats, fruit, vegetables, confectionary and more. I ended up losing one of Briony's socks at the laundromat!

Next morning we got up and went for a walk around the altstadt (old town) area, and we saw the Salzburger Dom (Salzburger Cathedral). There was also some type of weird art in one of the squares, it was just an upside down helicopter. Interesting!

We then took the Furnicular Railway up to Hohensalzburg Fortress, where we had a tour that lasted about 45 minutes. The tour was very worthwhile, including a visit to one of the highest points of the whole complex which had fantastic views for a huge distance around. Aftewr the tour we walked around the Fortress some more and down and out through St Peter's Cemetary.

At the bottom of the hill we were back in the Altstatd (Old Town), where we had a look inside Erzabteikirche St Peter (St Peters Abbey). We then had a look inside Salzburger Dom which was beautiful, however was partly covered on the outside for maintenance.

We walked across and then along the river Salzach, and cut across into the Mirabell Gardens which were just lovely. Unfortunately it was here that Briony chose to have a cranky attack, so the flowers in the gardens were certainly prettier than Briony's mood!

Next stop was to be the Schloss Hellbrunn where there are trick fountains and lovely gardens. Unfortuantely this was not Callan's finest hour for map reading, and we ended up going the long way round and getting nowhere. Of course, this didn't do much to improve Briony's mood. We eventually decided that we were going the wrong way, so we took a bus back to town, and then another bus in the right direction. We got to Schloss Hellbrunn just in time to have a quick arguement, a few tears, do the official tour, run to the bus stop, get back to town and to the Railway Station. Good news is that we actually had a good time at the Schloss Helbrunn, mainly watching everyone else get wet!

Next stop, Hohenschwangau, via a really small local train which had hardly any people on it.

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