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[Rome, Italy]

From Cairo, we took a short flight back to Rome, where we would just spend one night before the flight home the following morning. We arrived to Rome Airport and our first task was to call our hotel as they offered a free shuttle service. Out of three public telephones that we tried, two were broken. Finally the third one we got to the hotel and they promised to collect us in 20 minutes. We waited outside and they arrived on time.

The hotel collected us and first impressions were that the two Italians up front weren't too happy about coming to collect us. Turns out they had good reason! The trip from the hotel to the airport took only 20 minutes, however it was peak hour and the return journey took over an hour!

When we eventualy got to the hotel, they could not find our booking. This was our fault because I'd booked the hotel for the wrong month! But I showed our booking confirmation email, and the person at the desk did not notice the wrong date on there. They gave us a room and we quickly settled in. After a shower and cleaning up, we went to the dining room for dinner and wine which was quite nice, and then straight to bed ready for a long flight the next day.

In the morning we had breakfast at the hotel, and then grabbed the free hotel shuttle back to the airport. We had about an hour to kill so we wandered around for a little bit. When it was time to board we went throught the customs area, and there was a pretty huge line there. They were doing some renovations in the airport which made it that little bit more chaotic.

You might remember from previous entries that we had a lot of stuff with us - our huge back packs, plus a bunch of tourist stuff from Egypt including a Shisha, a Tabla and a heavy stone statue. There was no problem with the weight, however we got some funny looks about the tabla. This is an egg-timer shaped drum, and for protection we had put the shisha hoses inside the drum and some underwear in between to make sure the drum would not be damaged. Through the x-ray machine this must have looked a little suspicious. So in the middle of a busy airport line we had to unpack the drum, show there was no danger, and then pack it all up again.

Once through customs we went to our designated gate. However it turns out that the aeroplane is not actually here - we had to go down some escalators and outside to a bus. The bus took us a short distance to the building where our aeroplane actually was.

A short time later we were in the air, on the way to Singapore.

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