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[Bratislava, Slovakia]

The journey from Krakow was our second sleeper train, and we had to change trains at about 4am. No problem there, but then we had to sleep on the seat of an ordinary train for the next couple of hours.

We arrived to Bratislava at about 6am. Outside the railway station there was practically nobody around at all. One of the facts about Bratislava that we had not found out until late, was that everything is closed on Mondays, not Sundays. And of course, today was Monday.

We began the walk towards town, and we noticed that all the buses were really old like 1970s, and also the road down the hill from the station was dirty and smelled like urine. The walk to the hotel was about 25 minutes, and it was quite safe.

When we arrived at the IBIS hotel we had a rest as we were both very tired from overnight trains and lack of sleep! Since everything was closed this was a perfect opportunity to rest.

After an hour or so, while Briony slept, I went walking around the town. The hotel was towards the old town area, with really old buildings and streets. They were constructing a tram line on the bridge near our hotel, but it was no problem to walk there provided you did not get in the way.

I called into an Internet cafe, which was run by this really dodgy (cool?) guy. He let me use his DVD burner which was handy, although the computer was dodgy and would not actually burn anything. So I just used USB to transfer a copy of some photos onto the MP3 player, which worked okay.

I headed back to the hotel and collected Briony so we could go for a walk. We walked around the town, just taking in the general sights. We walked down to the river and then up through the main square, past some more old buildings and then past the new bridge with UFO tower. A bit further on and we saw Bratislava Castle, and we went for a walk up there. We took some photos and got eaten by mosquitos.

After the castle we walked back down the hill to our hotel, and then went back into town to find food. Since most places were closed, dinner was looking like little choice. Then we saw a familiar PIZZA HUT logo, so we dined in with pizza for dinner. After dinner was back to the hotel, sleep, and up early for the train to Vienna!

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